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Wenzhou Kanger Crystallite Utensils Co., Ltd. (Kanger for short) the world’s largest glass-ceramic production base and export base, has China’s largest and most complete glass-ceramic industry cluster and the world’s most advanced glass research center and has been leading the industry in the research, production, application, technology and service of special glass materials, parts and systems.
Kanger is a multinational company producing and dealing in transparent glass-ceramic, black glass-ceramic, porcelain white glass-ceramic, glass-ceramic utensils, and other high-tech products, which are used as supporting products of electric stoves, induction cookers, convection ovens, electric ceramic stoves, microwave ovens, ovens, physiotherapy apparatuses, gas stoves, cooking utensils, fireplaces, observation windows, etc. With very low coefficient of thermal expansion and excellent thermal shock resistance, it can be processed into different dimensions. Meanwhile, glass-ceramic can be used as space flight and aviation equipment and national defense and military equipment materials, which has aroused great concern in the society.
Powerful customer base is a part of the strength of Kanger. While cooperating with domestic brand household appliance supporting enterprises, such as Midea, Joyoung, Supor, Povos, Haier, Galanz and Gree, Kanger also actively develops overseas market and joins hands with international well-known enterprises.
As a large manufacturer focusing on glass-ceramic products, Kanger is committed to providing global household electrical appliance businesses with glass-ceramic products characterized by leading technology and superior quality and able to fully meet different demands of supporting customer base. Glass-ceramic utensils, white shallow plates, black glass-ceramic shallow plates and other E-type high-end products developed by Kanger independently have filled the blank in domestic market, broke the technological monopoly of the Big Three of Germany, France and Japan, become the model of “Made in China” to “Created in China” and won widespread popularity and influence in the world stage.
Kanger has established a complete production, sales and service network. It will adhere to the development idea of “Self-development, Independent Innovation, Own Brand” and the goal of “Creating World-leading Glass-ceramic Material, Build a Time-honored Kanger Brand” and make more contribution to “Created in China”.